Look for Unlikely Pairings

Look for irony, humor, and other statements that could be made by putting unlikely elements together in a photograph.

This struck me as funny when I drove by, because the place is "locked up tight!"

High Security


Bracketing is the practice of taking multiple pictures of the same scene with varying exposures to maximise the odds of getting the perfect exposure. Typically, one will take three shots, one at the expected proper exposure, one slightly overexposed, and another slightly underexposed.

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Depth of Field

Depth of Field is the region of the scene that appears in focus.

A "shallow" depth of field means that a very narrow range of distances from the lens will appear in focus, while objects closer or farther away will appear out of focus. Shallow depth of field is very effective in portriat photography or any other situation where you do not want the background to distract the viewer's attention from the intended subject.